PAVIT Ceramic Floor Tiles, Stylish Design Tiles in India


PAVIT Tiles – Best Choice For Floor Tiles In India

“You just need to stretch those imaginative ideas more to create a world that resembles an art of extraordinary creation. How to do this? Use Pavit Tiles and change the way your house or office environment looks!”

The tiles from Pavit rally around all the creative ideas that you can imagine and provide a chic appearance to any kind of surroundings; may it be office or your home. Pavit are pioneers in tiling technology in India and have a long history of decorating many important structures.

Pavit tiles are found in two different ranges – The Granulato rectified tiles and unrectified Pavit tiles. The unrectified version from Pavit tiles is further available in three variants, and offers fourteen different colours; all rendered in one single finish. The range of tiles are so informatively designed that you can find a rectangle and square visible, combined in one of the tile version. The Granulato version is available in two sizes and six varied colour ranges. This series is known everywhere across the globe as the salt & pepper series.

Excellence In Quality Standards

Pavit tiles are manufactured using stringent standards and quality control methods while also giving importance to environmental safety during the process of production. These tiles have the stability and strength for facilitating all the needs of households as well as commercial establishments. All this quality check and high class manufacturing standards have made Pavit the preferred floor tiles in India.

There are various factors that make Pavit the preferred choice for floor tiles:

• Excellent quality
• Experienced team of professionals
• Professional service standards
• Passionate enthusiasm to create wonders
• Innovative and finest designs

Strong Network

Pavits has a team that strives hard to maintain the high quality of the different designs manufactured. This has led to the strong reputation it has built amongst the developers and builder networks. Additionally, these high standards have ensured that these tiles are loved by leading interior designers, architects and real estate developers. Further, the supply chain is strong enough for making availability easy for customers.

Serving Varied Tastes

When you consider tiles, the texture, colour and aesthetics gain prominence while making a choice. These need to match the surroundings and create harmony amongst all the elements present. This is the reason why Pavit tiles are available in an array of colours, finishes and textures; thus ensuring that varied tastes are satisfied. Moreover, Pavit tiles can adapt to all kind of spaces where flooring is required – may it be an outdoor establishment, a lounge, kitchen or bathroom; you are sure to find a tile which can match such varied needs.

With such wide array of different shades, designs and textures, customers can now let their imagination run wild; right to their parkings, garages, driveways, corridors, pools and just about anywhere. The unique elegance and unmatched beauty of Pavits tiles will suffice all kind of needs and requirements.

If you need more information, get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you with making a decision regarding tiles.



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