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Stretch your ingenious ideas beyond the regular mundane tiling concepts. Pavit the vitrified exterior unrectified tile rallies round the creative juices to bring out the best in your designs. The name Pavit is synonymous with pioneering technology of small format vitrified tiles in India.
Pavit tiles come in two ranges: The unrectified Pavit tiles and Granulato the rectified tiles.
The unrectified Pavit tiles are available in three different sizes, offering fourteen magnificent colours in a single finish. The tile's thickness is devised for an assortment of application. A fascinating combination of square and rectangle is visible in one of the rectangular tiles range.
Granulato the rectified range is obtainable in two rectified sizes and six colours, known across the world as salt & pepper series.
So let your application imagination flow to areas like driveways, parking bays, walk ways, garages, balconies, roof tops, pool sides & corridors, lift fascia etc. Appreciate the beauty and style of these tiles in the coming pages.

Be it shop floors, stores, industrial floorings, heavy movement areas, dispatch & inventory areas etc, they no longer have to be the same, boring & mundane. Pavicrete is the answer to your needs. It provides the spot on merger of strength and pattern beauty.
Pavicrete is a result of focused research for the ever strenuous industrial flooring & cladding. Handpicked non-terreous clay from a single mine furnishes that extra strength to Pavicrete and much needed acid and alkali resistance, made available in solicitous size of 210 x 100 x 20 mm. The acid resistant of the tiles gives the aesthetic patterns along with protection of flooring in battery rooms, acid & alkali picking tanks, storage & handling areas etc.
Artistic solutions have been provided for heavy traffic zones and machinery areas as well. Three arresting colours in size options 200 x 200 x 12/15 mm & 300 x 300 x 12/15 mm are available.

When it comes to pathways, verandah floorings, corridor flooring and semi industrial areas, most people lose their ingenuity there. PCPL stepped in to bridge the gap with Granit, addressing the needs with cost effective permanent solutions for workshop, automobile and semi industrial to residential locations.
The rectified format catches the customer's eyes in eight alluring finishes and five awe-inspiring colours, offering cost effective solutions to the discerning customers.

Buildings & structures are constantly battling with moisture & pollutants across the world creating havoc on the facades & exterior walls. To combat this disastrous phenomenon builders and architects abroad sought refuge in the use of small format vitrified tiles, leading to beautiful and well maintained surfaces.
PCPL introduced India to 'Cladit', the answer to International Exteriors, For Life. Cladit is an expression of myriad colours and designs for the vertical applications on façade, elevations etc. Being virtually non porous, Cladit provides permanent maintenance free surfaces for buildings.
Areas like, exterior walls, corridor walls, lift façades, generally the places where the surface is expected to be exposed to direct sunlight and the ambient atmosphere rings for Cladit.
One size fits all & one captivating finish concept of Cladit comes in five splendid colours satiating the artistic steak of one & all.

Cave dwelling wasn't left behind with our ancestors. Nature still inspires us and brings out the primitiveness in a human. Trying to touch the natural side of human nature by eliminating the discomforts of mustiness, uneven flooring, no lighting etc. PCPL brings cave like nature concept to your exterior & interior, floor & wall of the building, where form is of importance. Say the vanity walls of the entrance fascia, drawing room, kitchen, and bed room will get the everlasting glory of the rustic finish. Places needing functionality - like the places having exposure to water - bath rooms, balconies, swimming pool decks etc
'Nature is the mother of all inventions'; this quote gets endorsed with PCPL's Terrene range of tiles. Terrene is a concept where nature fuses with the technology, disagreeing ends of the scale, wherein the deficiencies of the natural stone are avoided without compromising on the looks.
PCPL are now adding two scintillating finishes by the names "Kria" & "Kripton" in Terrene's basket of goodies. Both ranges encompass mysticism, wafting an air of innocence at first look. These scintillating finishes in marvellous colours should quench one's desire to re-create nature in your structures. If not please contact for the digital range...

Colorato, a revolutionary versatile product offers a wide range of handpicked exotic and alluring colors to accentuate the exclusive beauty of your personal space. Besides the sparkling blue that dazzles the swimming pool, Colorado comes in 63 hues of jade , chrysanthemum, hibiscus in 3 scintillating finishes that is completely captivating. Complementing this perfect beauty, we offer you a custom made design service as well to assist you to design your preferred space . So let your application imagination flow to areas like swimming pool, bathroom, lift fascia, pillars, wall cladding …etc.

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