Heavy Duty flooring Tiles for High Footfall and Stressed Areas


Heavy Duty Tiles for High Footfall and Stressed Areas

Durability is always the first priority when selecting the flooring material; be it exterior, interior, residential, or commercial public areas. Flooring Tiles has no equal match when it comes to durability. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are one of the long-lasting flooring options which require minimum maintenance. Therefore they are the best available options for heavy footfall areas. Flooring Tiles is the perfect amalgamation of style, strength and aesthetics. Pavit Ceramics has a variety of options of varied tile thickness, sizes, and styles that goes perfectly for any outdoor area with high footfall.

Aforementioned areas bear a lot of stress due to the movement of people, materials, and dust carried by shoes and other objects:

1.Parking area

At Pavit Ceramics different thickness parking tiles are available. The range varies from  10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and goes upto 16mm. These tiles prove as a perfect outdoor solution.

Parking tiles withstand acute climatic conditions therefore they are manufactured with great care. Since the parking tiles have to bear a lot of heavy traffic and foot movement, they come with features like anti-skid, anti-stain, and having firm grips. Water-resistance is another quality that a user should look for in their parking tiles.

2.Pedestrian walkways

Walkways are the most used exterior areas that suffer daily wear and tear.  Pedestrian pathways get exposed to a lot of natural elements in addition to man-made abrasions. Pavit Ceramics’ heat-resistant pavement walkway tiles are a perfect solution for anyone looking for highly robust and strong tiles options. These tiles are made with high quality raw materials thus helping them to face any climatic conditions. From natural elements to man-made abrasions,

3.Public recreational areas

Highly used public areas like parks, gardens and other recreational activity areas require low maintenance flooring options. These areas endure spills, mishandlings, and almost no maintenance. Therefore, porcelain matte finish tiles are the perfect option for such areas. Public area tiles has to be extra strong and low maintenance. Apart from providing aesthetic beauty to the area, they have to be durable as well as made with top-notch quality raw materials. Anti-skid, firm-grip and resistant to heat and water are a few of the prime qualities that these tiles require.

4.Schools, Colleges and Offices

Tiles used in these areas have to be extra safe and functional. These floor and wall tiles cater to a wide number of activities and to a broad age group. Apart from being beautiful in appearance, these tiles need to be extra secure to prevent any educational space or work-space accidents. Pavit ceramics has the best range of matte finish and anti-skid floor tiles making the workspace appealing and extra safe.

5.Industrial area

Industrial areas require high breaking strength and good load-bearing flooring options. Pavit Ceramics’ industrial tile thickness goes up to 20mm consequently providing one of the best industrial floor tiles with extra durability and extra strength. These tiles are anti-skid, stain-free, and fire-resistant. Industrial areas have to bear heavy machinery load and people work under hazardous conditions. Industrial area prefer small tiles as small size tiles have a great degree of transaction.

6.Terrace area

The light-colored eco-friendly roof-tiles are perfect if you want to save on your electricity bill and want to go environmentally friendly. These tiles reflect the solar heat back to the environment. This helps in providing cooling effect as they do no absorb heat. They greatly help in the significant reduction of summer energy bills. These terrace tiles are anti-slip, stain-resistant, and anti-bacteria thus maintaining safety as well as hygiene too.