Full Body Vitrified Tiles

In today’s world, trends and time always work in harmony. At Pavit, you must expect a Full Body Vitrified Tiles with trendy, stylish, and professional products with exquisite designs.

When you choose to floor your home the right material will make or can break the elegance and overall look of your place. So it is very important to have an eye on the tiles you are choosing. In your home, every space has distinctive functions and art-conscious needs and one should always choose the tiles with features that align with every space perfectly. 

Before we go any further on discussing the advantages of Full Body Vitrified Tiles, in whole, we would like to hold your attention on what Full Body Vitrified Tiles are made up of: 

Vitrified Tiles are made by processing a mixture of clay, feldspar and silica, which make the surface smoother and shiny. Then, with low porosity creating a single mass hard enough to strengthen from the surface as well as from the inside. Lastly, clay bodies go through different varying temperatures to make it incredibly powerful.  

These stones are blended with fine materials like clay and silica that are remarkable substitutes for natural tile flooring. 

Coming to the competitive aspect, the build-up quality of Vitrified Tiles have a competitive edge over any other Tiles in the market, be it natural granite, or marble tiles.  Making it a great choice for people with their home flooring. 

Let us learn why you should opt for Full Body Vitrified Tiles:

  • Vitrified tiles are made up of materials that are strong. As the material heated up in a temperature, and then, molten it to liquid glass state to make the material harder.
  • Full Body Vitrified tiles are stain and scratch-resistant. This makes it super easy to maintain. And also, with that, Vitrified Tiles gives the floor a sparkling and glossy finish to make your entire home reflect the neatness and cleanliness. 
  • Its non-porous ability makes Full Body Vitrified Tiles more sustainable to receive any damage. 
  • Vitrified Tiles can be used on both indoor; residential flooring, kitchen and bathroom flooring, and outdoor; parking areas, as it constitutes the power of sustaining itself in a high traffic area as well. 
  • Vitrified Tiles are easy to maintain and can easily be laid down for flooring purposes as it is half of the width of other Tiles such as granite, marble and other stones.
  • Vitrified Full Body Tiles come in uniform colour, design, shape and size which makes it consistent, classy and seamless and makes it look great for years. 
  • These Tiles also come with an anti-skid body type which prevents slipping, and other accidents to happen. 

In conclusion, Full Body Vitrified Tiles offer your space a neat and clean look for a longer time, thus making it the best choice for you to buy tiles for flooring your home. These tiles are more durable and show exceptional performance, and such qualities make them extremely essential in providing a hassle-free experience.