Amp Up your Walls and Floors with PAVIT’s Range of Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Amp Up your Walls and Floors

With the advancement in technology, we have witnessed some ground breaking innovations in the world of tiles. Glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) is one such exemplary innovation that has left us with an array of options in the form of wall tiles and floor tiles to amp up the whole space. Glazed vitrified tiles posses a glazed surface on the top part of the tiles which makes it easy to create tiles in a variety of designs, textures, finishes, prints, and patterns.

Well, playing with patterns is one of the most exciting and game-changing aspects in designing any space which literally makes or breaks the appeal of the whole space. Patterns, not only uplift the visual stimulation of a space but also adds meaning and value to any space. Here, we take you down to what PAVIT’s exclusive range of glazed vitrified tiles can do to your space.

1. The Ultimate Sophistication

Choose natural-like designed tiles or go for a plain beige shade or choose any textured solid color – sophisticated designs blend easily with the interiors of the place, giving a great look and feel to your space. Keep it minimal. Choose easy-going patterns. This way it will not overpower the feel of the space and will simply keep it stylish and sophisticated.

2. Classic Wooden-Based Appeal

Wooden-like glazed vitrified tiles always add a sense of personal touch to your space. It is classic yet modern and brings an urbane feel and a cozy vibe to the place. Pair it up with the right set of furniture and you are great to go.

3. Simple and Subtle

Can there be anything better than keeping it simple yet subtle? You could never undermine what subtle beige (or any light shade from beige to white) tiles in the matte finish could do to your place. You can undoubtedly play with textures if you want (like square embossed textures). Also, you could combine it with minimal patterns (like forming a minimal pattern out of beige and brown tiles) so that you could ensure that it does not get monotonous.

4. Elegant Monochrome

Monochrome could never go wrong. It is completely elegant and urbane. Choose textured monochrome tiles in a matte finish and create a gorgeous space by leveraging it in the right combinations. You won’t be able to take your eyes off from the mesmerizing and charming appeal that it would bring.

5. Stunning Outdoors

Glazed vitrified tiles can also be used as pavement tiles to create beautiful outdoors. Again, you could play with textures, finishes, and colors to accentuate the beauty of your outdoor area.

Of all the above-mentioned ideas, use as many of them to transform your space entirely with PAVIT’s exclusive range of vitrified tiles. Specializing in the production of a wide range of vitrified tiles, we have everything you would need to create an outstanding space.