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The Ultimate Guide About Porcelain Tiles

Designing and renovating your home can be a sensational and gratifying creative activity. To undertake the creative pursuit, you might require a variety of products before making a final decision. Pavit Ceramics is grateful to offer you porcelain tiles options with benefits that far exceed nonceramic materials. Porcelain tile is a subset of ceramic tile that […]

Things to consider while choosing floor tiles to construct an inspiring entryway.

You might have heard about this phrase “The first impression is the last impression”. Did you know that this phrase holds tons of weightage while choosing floor tiles for an entryway of the house? The entryway is the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home and it leaves a lasting impression […]

Tips to Choose The Right Color Floor Tile For Your Beautiful Place

If you have never got a chance to choose colors for your floor tiles while building/remodeling your beautiful home then let me tell you “It is a fun and creative activity”. We always recommend our customers choose a floor tile color that they love!! But of course, room space, home decor, mood & feel you […]

Reasons to Prefer Matt Finish Floor Tiles

Tiles are the most common and popular flooring option being used in residential as well as commercial areas. Durability and variety are the best features that tiles have to offer. They come in many different materials, designs, styles, colours, textures and finishes. One of the most trendy wall and floor tiles are the matt finish […]

Difference between Floor tiles and Marble for your Floor

Confused about choosing the right flooring for your home. Floor Tiles or Marble Floor? Choosing the right floor can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Afterall ‘Ghar baar baar thodi na banta hai’. Don’t worry, we are here to solve all your questions and help you make the best choice for your home. Now, before getting in […]

Heavy Duty flooring Tiles for High Footfall and Stressed Areas

  Durability is always the first priority when selecting the flooring material; be it exterior, interior, residential, or commercial public areas. Flooring Tiles has no equal match when it comes to durability. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are one of the long-lasting flooring options which require minimum maintenance. Therefore they are the best available options for […]

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Tiles

It is entirely important to choose the right variety of tile as per the demand of the tiling project. The location of the area, whether indoors or outdoors will have an imperative influence in selecting the suitable tile type and material. A wrong tile category can make the flooring vulnerable to cracks and other damages. […]

Mistake to avoid while choosing wall and floor tiles

Choosing floor tiles and wall tiles takes a considerable amount of time for an ongoing renovation or for new construction. It is significant to make the right choices and avoid mistakes as one has to live with the applied tiles for a long time. As every tiling pattern adds up its own unique character, it is important […]

Understanding Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Floor tiles are the invincible flooring option that is present in the market today. Increased awareness regarding the environment has led people to choose tiles that have aesthetic value as well as eco-friendly nature. Vitrified tiles are among the most eco-friendly and sustainable tiles available in the market today. There are majorly four types of […]