Things to consider while choosing floor tiles to construct an inspiring entryway.

floor tiles

You might have heard about this phrase “The first impression is the last impression”. Did you know that this phrase holds tons of weightage while choosing floor tiles for an entryway of the house? The entryway is the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home and it leaves a lasting impression so it is very important to choose the right floor tiles to build an appealing entryway. The entryway of your home displays your choice & personality that builds a welcoming presence for your guests. Whether it is a small or grand entrance both need equal attention while selecting the floor tiles. The floor tile should not only be stylish but also provide the durability to hold up the heavy foot traffic. The additional elements such as tile size, color, material, finishes, and maintenance are also determined while purchasing to make your entryway beautiful, appealing and aesthetic.

The most important fact that you must know is that full-body vitrified tiles are best for flooring entryways. Do you want to know the reason? They are thick, hard, and have pigments in the entire body which makes scratches and chips unnoticeable. They are perfect for high-traffic zones such as entryways. So, in this blog, you will learn about different full-body vitrified tiles and their characteristics. Let’s go…

Floor Tile Size

Small floor tile sizes are trending because it is the best approach to create an illusion of more space in the entryway, whether it is small or large. The small format floor tiles can enhance the flow of the floor and offer a streamlined look. Small floor tiles are best for the people who want to construct out of box design of the entryway. Small floor tiles easily mingle with different designs to form beautiful patterns. We have broad spectrum of full body vitrified tiles starting from 100mm*100mm size.

Floor Tile Color

Always make a smart decision while selecting the colors. If you’re confused between colors then remember brown, cream, grey and beige colors have always remained popular for home decor. To give a soft but also warm look, combine grey with a softer tone of cream/beige. Do you want to add an elegant impression? Use small and big floor tiles of different shades to highlight the whole space. Whether it is a tiny or grand entryway, investing in the right color of small tiles can wholly transform your space.

Floor Size Material

The material is an essential feature of floor tiles. A material indicates durability, strength, thickness, hardness, and wear resistance of the floor tiles. The floor tiles built from the right materials can stand up against adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or moisture. Usually, people prefer to purchase full body vitrified tiles for their entryways as it is constructed from highly durable materials available in various colors, designs, and patterns. These floor tiles are wear- and tear-resistant and do not easily get cracked, chipped, or stained. So, keeping all these features in mind we recommend you to buy the full body vitrified tiles for your heavy foot traffic areas.

Floor Tiles Finishing

Before selecting the ideal tiles from a magnificent segment, consider the finishing element of the floor tiles that can glorify your home in an exclusive style. The two best options available are matt and rustic for entryways. Matt finishes can easily conceal water and strains and it does not require frequent cleaning. Whereas rustic finish offers a classic, traditional and natural look because its shining feature is neither glossy or matt which gives an appealing look to the entryway. We have a wide range of varieties in matt and rustic finish tiles to provide an authentic and outdoorsy look to your space.

Floor tiles cleaning and maintenance

The entryway experiences heavy foot traffic and it requires more cleaning than the other rooms in the house. And therefore, it is important to select a best floor tile that can be swept & mopped with minimum effort and continue to serve for a long time.