How to Clean Outdoor Tiles?

How to Clean Outdoor Tiles

You can enhance the longevity and beauty of your outdoor tiles, if you carry out regular maintenance from time to time. Maintaining the patio tiles is no herculean task, if you clean them the right way using the right tools. In this post we will share few simple, but useful ways to clean your exterior tiles. But first things first, what tools do you need for regular patio tiles cleaning.


You need to have the right tools to clean your outdoor tiles. All you need is a broom with stiff bristles/a leaf blower, mop and mop bucket, soft scrub brush and a cleaner. Usually, every household has all of these, but if you don’t have, you can easily buy them from a local store.

Tips to Clean Outdoor tiles:

1. Don’t just clean around the furniture

Don’t get lazy and clean just around the patio furniture. Move the furniture and broom the tiles properly. If you do not move your furniture, your patio tiles will get unevenly colored over with the time passage. Cleaning them after moving the furniture will also help preserve the quality of exterior tiles.

2. Clean the debris

You need to clean the large debris first. You can either use a stiff bristled broom or a leaf blower to do so. Besides, removal of loose algae and dry dirt particles is also important.

3. Use the cleaner if required

You will not need a cleaner frequently to clean the exterior tiles, if you clean them using a mop, broom and hot water every other week. Mopping with hot water suffices to clean the exterior tiles and helps limit the usage of cleaner.

4. Choose the right patio cleaner

Choosing the right patio cleaner is quite important. There are cleaners in the market which are quite toxic to plants, pets and fish. So, ask the hardware store questions before buying one. You will need a good cleaner to clean off dirt, debris and algae from outdoor tiles.

5. Never use bleach to clean patio tiles

As a leading manufacturer of outdoor floor tiles in India, we recommend not to use bleach to clean exterior tiles. Again, using a bleach will impose danger on your plants, pets and fish. Always use an environment friendly cleaner to clean your patio tiles.

6. Clean the grout

Since grout on your patio tiles is porous, it gets dirty faster. You need to clean the grout properly. You must take the help of a professional, if need be.

Hope you found the post useful. For more information about exterior tiles, get in touch with us. Feel free to drop us an email or directly call us.

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