Endurance of Outdoor Vitrified Tiles with Rainy Season

Outdoor Vitrified Tiles in Rainy Season

Whether you are looking for tile options for your indoor or outdoor areas, you will come across a variety of choices to choose from depending on their composition, texture, and patterns. It is vital to weigh the pros and cons of the tile variety you opt for and identify the precise requirements you have in your mind to make the right choice. One such perplexing stage is when you have to choose exterior tiles for your home such as the delightful spaces like terrace, patios, front-yard, balcony or the cozy corners of your garden area. These spaces have to stand heavy foot traffic as well as the changing seasons. From the beautiful sunny spring days to harsh summer afternoons and immoderate rains, these exterior areas have to bear all kinds of seasonal changes. Therefore, it is imperative to choose such outdoor vitrified tiles that will be able to deal comfortably and unvaryingly with what mother-nature will throw at it.

What better than a vitrified tile to counter such ongoing changes in the surrounding and still maintain its original form and appearance. Vitrified tiles undergo a process called vitrification which imparts extra low porosity feature into the tiles. This feature makes the vitrified tiles a preferred choice over its expensive counterparts like granite and marble when it comes to outdoor or exterior areas. The low porosity feature is a great benefit, as the vitrified tiles will avert the rain water and will not draw moisture into them like the other paving materials. These tiles can easily cope up with the rain water and resist any staining or algae or moss development, thus keeping them look the best all round the year.

One of the other main features than an exterior floor tile requires is its robustness and good mechanical strength, which is appropriately delivered by the vitrified tiles. The exterior tiles have to withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. If any porous tile option is chosen over vitrified tiles for outdoor areas, then there is a risk of water being absorbed by the tiles which compromise with its internal as well as the inter-tile joint strength. The color permanence and the non-slip features are an added and very crucial benefit when it comes to the vitrified tiles to perform in wet conditions. Rainwater and the moisture due to precipitation can lead to slippery conditions which can be very painful and dangerous if anyone falls on the hard tile surface. These tiles effortlessly handle the rainy season without any botheration, since they do not absorb any water or moisture. The vitrified tiles can certainly deal with the rain-water as well as the exposure to the harsh sunlight, without fading away its color and its natural appearance. The tiles are easy to clean and swipe, so wiping up the rain water from their surface will be easy and no time taking task.

So considering all the features, vitrified tiles are the perfect option for outdoor use. From our experience and the satisfaction of our customers, we can vouch for their impeccable standards as exterior tiles. Pavit Ceramics has a wide range of glazed as well as full body vitrified tiles which are ideal for any weather conditions for all outdoor areas.