Generic Information about Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified Tiles

From what are vitrified tiles to how to maintain its long life, everything you need to know about vitrified tiles is wrapped in here.

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To brief, Vitrified tiles have emerged as crowd’s favorite, especially for the spaces exposed to moisture and frost. These types of tiles are similar to the ceramic tiles with a slight difference or we can say with a slight edge over ceramic tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles, these tiles come with a mixture of silica and clay. The mixture blends to form a glass-like element allowing it to retain the original shine even after rough use.

Properties of Vitrified Tiles

With the low porosity property of these tiles, they act as best water and frost resistant. Also, the tiles come with an anti-skid coating, which again is great for abrasion resistance and could be installed at places with massive movements. The durability of the tiles is very high, and it justifies the investment in the long run.

Usage of Vitrified Tiles

The vitrified tiles are considered a perfect pick for kitchen and bathroom tiles or in general a great choice for floor and wall tiles. Following the properties of durability and the ability to survive in any environmental condition, people use it for both indoors and outdoors. They can withstand a great deal of pressure, and as a result, Full body vitrified tile is recommended to be used for exterior and also used for parking and pathways

Maintenance of Vitrified Tiles

As the inherent property of vitrified tiles is stain proof, there is no need to worry about day-to-day maintenance. Standard cleansing agents and water are enough to keep the wall tiles clean. In case if you find any stubborn stains, a combination of vinegar and water will quickly help you get rid of it.

Also, if you have installed these tiles in areas where you find heavy dust and dirt, then to extend its life, yearly cleansing between the grouts is recommendable.

The Bottom Line

Here’s a quick suggestion if you are planning to install vitrified tiles. It is a time-consuming process, and it could also get tedious. So, to avoid any instability, hiring an expert consultant is always suggested. Correspondingly, there are plenty of options available in the market based on size, patterns, and colors. So, choosing a wall tiles manufacturer that could help you pick the best option as per your requirement becomes obligatory.

If you want to enquire about the cost and variety of options for vitrified tiles, then schedule a consultation with our experts today. You can also browse through a variety of vitrified tiles on our website catalog.

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