A Guide to choose your Exterior tiles

A Guide to choose your Exterior tiles

Building a house that creates a fascinating visual impression is everyone’s dream and application of right kind of tiles plays a major role in that. In present times, people prefer easy and fast application of flooring, and tiles are the best option for that. Tiles are an outstanding flooring choice which can be used in any kind of area, be it interior or exterior areas of the house. Guests visiting your home will get mesmerized by the visual appearance of Pavit’s exterior tiles. Whether it is entertainment, relaxation or utility area, the exterior tiles play a vital role as it affects the ambiance of any place. But, with the plethora of options that are available, it gets little difficult at times to choose the right tiles for your required area. We have a solution for that too!!Our in-store expert’s help brings your inventive ideas to life, reform your outer area into a splendid work of art.

To make your job easy, let’s understand how to choose the exterior tiles effectively for your space:

  1. Choose a hardwearing durable tile such as porcelain or glazed vitrified tiles which doesn’t easily scratch or get damaged. We love using natural stone quality to add a unique look to your outer space.
  2. Anti- slippery tiles are important for the outer area which provides both elegance and protection. Opt for high resistance matte finish and anti skid vitrified tiles with the design pattern that best suits the decoration of your choice. Pavit’s exterior vitrified tiles guarantee to withstand any climatic condition.
  3. Always consider climatic condition before installing any type of exterior tiles. For wetter climates we advise you to avoid extremely porous tile materials because they can absorb too much water which can lead to growth of algae, moss, and lich and even rot. Clay-based tiles are non-porous, fade-resistant, and very durable as they’re baked in fiery hot kilns.
  4. With outdoors, you can experiment with dark or light color tiles, depending of your personal choice. Mixing and matching 2-3 combinations of tiles will give you a unique look that will all the more enhance your exteriors. The print and texture of the tile should be get matched to the interior design of your building.
  5. Generally people forget to choose the color of the grout that will fill the gaps of their tiles. Always choose the color of the grout that blends with the color of your tiles.
  6. Last but not the least go for the tile size that gives you minimum amount of cutting and wastage as per your area that you are tiling. So choosing the right size of the tiles out of the wide variety plays a vital role in optimizing your finances.

Whether you are looking for tiles for your patio, sit outs, driveways, entrance or even swimming pool area, Pavit provides you with a vast range of tile options. Let us help you make your space like a dream you always dreamt of. For any further assistance feel free to contact us on 1800 233 3366 or follow us on instagram @pavitceramics for more updates.

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