How to Clean Exterior or Pavement Tiles?

How to Clean Exterior tiles

Exterior tiles add to the beauty of your home as much as floor and wall tiles used in the interior spaces do. So, after you spend a decent amount of money to get the best of the pavement tiles installed, it also becomes important that you clean and maintain them properly from time to time. This adds to the longevity of tiles and keeps the charm of your house intact.

Both exterior and interior tiles need maintenance from time to time, but in case of the former, it is even more important. Here are some easy tips to clean your exterior tiles effectively:

1. Watch out for weeds

Growing weeds can be a common problem on pavement tiles. They shouldn’t be ignored as within a short span of time their roots will get strong and their ugly heads will become even more visible. Dirt and debris must not be allowed to settle on the top of exterior tiles. Remove any weeds you see taking roots in the joints. In case you have sand filled joints, removal of weeds might also bring out some sand with it. It is therefore recommended to replace the joint and never leave it partially filled. Weed-killers can also be used to get rid of it. By spraying weed-killers, you can easily eliminate them.

2. Clean the patio entirely

At times, we end up cleaning the patio surface without moving the furniture. If you wish to keep even coloring of external tiles installed on your patio, then move the furniture entirely and clean the whole patio surface. In case of patio tiles, regular cleaning with a broom followed by mopping with hot water can help reduce the frequent need of chemical cleaning agents. The cleaning should be done on a weekly basis.

3. Sealing patio and pavement tiles

The basic purpose of using a sealer is to seal the surface of exterior tiles. Whether it is your patio or paving, it is important to use a sealer to prevent the absorption of the water, oil, moisture and other substances. Sealers also slow the growth rate of weeds and algae. Since, there are a number of sealers available in the market; choosing one might get a little confusing for you. The best way is to check the manufacturer’s manual to know which sealer is the best to seal your pavement tiles.

Hope these tips will help you maintain your exterior tiles with ease. By following these simple tips, you can enhance the longevity of your tiles. If you have more questions about the maintenance of your exterior and interior tiles, feel free to get in touch with us and we will guide you through.

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