Mistake to avoid while choosing wall and floor tiles

Mistake to avoid while choosing wall and floor tiles

Choosing floor tiles and wall tiles takes a considerable amount of time for an ongoing renovation or for new construction. It is significant to make the right choices and avoid mistakes as one has to live with the applied tiles for a long time. As every tiling pattern adds up its own unique character, it is important to choose such wall and floor tiles that provide a seamless finish and long-lasting performance.

Here is a comprehensive checklist of the most common mistakes that you can commit while choosing and applying your floor and wall tiles.

1. Unprepared Surfaces

It is important to take care that the surfaces where the tiles will be installed are evenly and properly finished.  Removal of old wallpaper or flaking paints should be ensured. The surface should be properly cleaned and should be devoid of any dust, dirt, grease, or other liquids. Failing to adhere to the preparation of the surface is one of the most common pitfalls and will surely provide a less satisfactory finish. It is also important to remove any protruding elements like hooks, nails, screws, etc.

2. Grouting Mistakes

A proper support tool should be used to apply the grout between the lines of the tiles. If the grouting is done too quickly and unevenly, and overall patchy effect will be created. When applied too hastily, the grout can create voids and thus allows moisture and dirt to penetrate. Along with the right procedure, it is also imperative to use the right color of the grouting material. The grout lines can completely change the overall look of the tiles, whether used as indoor tiles or outdoor tiles.

3. Wrong Adhesives

The type of adhesive used also plays an important role. The mistake of choosing the wrong adhesive while installation, can prove to be costly and laborious in the future. Bathroom, Kitchen and Exterior Tile areas come in direct contact with water, so a water-proof adhesive is required. Other kinds of adhesives that are available in market are heat-resistant, rapid-set, and ready mix adhesives.

4. Poor Quality Tiles

Never settle down with any cheap alternatives as they will harm you in the long run. It is recommended to plan your budget before-hand and choose the tiles that are made of good quality material. Here at Pavit Ceramics, we make sure that all the tiles we provide are fabricated from top-quality raw materials thus providing proper strength and sturdiness. With such a vast market of wall and floor tiles, it is easy nowadays to mislead the customers with poor quality tiles in the name of discounted products.

5. Tile incompatibility with the size and shape of the space

Choosing style over substance won’t make you happy for long. It is very vital to understand the patterns and colors that are appropriate to the overall style of the space. Every room has its own unique characteristics and requires its own kind of finish. Bathroom tiles need to have an anti-skid feature, whereas kitchen tiles should be easy to clean and stain-resistant. For such decisions, it is always advisable to listen to the tiles industry experts. Prefer to have a balance between traditional and modern trends.

6. Tile Setter

Hiring an inexperienced tile setter will make you spend more in the later maintenance stage than you will try to save during installation. An expert professional in the field will help you in measuring the floor-length, calculating the number of tiles to be ordered, and finely installing the tiles. Always go for a skilled, seasoned, and reputed tile setter to get your job done with precision.

7. Insufficient and Untimely Tile Orders

This is the easiest-to-avoid mistake of all. Carefully measure the area that needs tiling with an expert’s advice and make an order well before time. Always plan to order 10% extra to inculcate the wastage and future replacements.

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