Outdoor Vitrified Tiles are Better Option compared to other Natural Stones Tiles

Tiles are a superb surface flooring option for outdoor areas such as porch, patios and parking, as they are durable, more stable, easy to maintain and add aesthetic value. There are various different kinds of outdoor tiles that are all stylish as well as strong enough to last in exterior environments. Learning about the commonly available natural stones when compared to exterior tile options will help you choose the best surfacing material for your exterior areas. Here we are discussing several stones which can be replaced perfectly by outdoor tiles, that too in a very inexpensive way.

Natural Stone tiles are the umbrella term used for tiles composed from granite, limestone, slate, and travertine. Tiles prepared from these materials are used as decorative enhancements as they look flawless in an outdoor environment. But, all natural stones are among the expensive options and you will have to pay a handsome amount for their head-turning look. Porcelain or Vitrified tiles offer greater savings when cost is a concern for the project with no compromise on the looks. Vitrified tiles are easy to care, fashionable and are highly non-porous. Let’s see few comparisons of these natural stones with porcelain tiles and how the latter proves as a better and inexpensive flooring option.


Marble is a natural stone made from re-crystallized carbonate minerals and is a bit less hard and more porous when compared to other natural stones. Therefore, it requires sealing to help it handle foot traffic stains as well as the weather. Marble’s unique and veined finish grants it a sophisticated appearance that many homeowners love. You will find marble tiles in various different hues, from shades of white to black. One major drawback of marble is that they are very expensive and cannot be considered eco-friendly since they are non-renewable and require high intensive manufacturing process. Compared to marble, outdoor tiles are highly non-porous and can be a suitable alternative. They are cost effective, non-toxic and can be easily re-cycled.


Granite is the hardest stone tiles, so you will find them very resilient and durable to the elements. It is one of the finest exterior tile options if you are searching natural stone tiles. Prefer granite if you live in a portion of the country which experiences considerable weather shifts. But, it can be very expensive and not budget friendly compared to the regular best quality vitrified titles. Granite is also more porous than porcelain tiles, making it likely to stain a lot and requires high maintenance.


Slate may be softer than marble or granite, but it’s still hard enough to suit any deck and patio region and is highly popular when it comes to finishing roof surface. Contrasting to other natural stone tiles, no two slate tiles are always identical. Their textures and colors vary, so using slate tiles can make real visual interest. Best quality natural slate tiles possess earthy hues such as gray, brown, green, tan, and orange. The similar kind of look and feel can be achieved with Pavit Ceramics Tile varieties that too devoid of being expensive.


Travertine is a particular type of limestone composed up of mostly calcite. It has a composition or texture that is same to the regular limestone, but it is more brittle and a bit softer. Since travertine tiles are additionally much pitted & porous, similar to limestone, they also need sealing before they can be utilized outdoor tiles. Even with appropriate treatment, they are susceptible to cracking and staining due to varied weather conditions. Since they are relatively soft, this kind of tiles will show wear quicker than other stone tiles. Being a natural stone and a scarcer material, travertine is definitely a pricier option when compared to vitrified tiles.


Limestone is a more porous and softer stone, so you will require sealing these tiles to secure them from stains as well as weather damage. Moreover, it shows wear easily, thus they’re not suggested for high traffic regions. They are also inclined to cracking during cold winters. Thus these stone tiles need high maintenance from time to time. The stone’s distinctive pits make an extraordinary texture that limestone lovers can’t defy. So, if you are not an ardent limestone color and texture lover, it’s better to go with similar-looking porcelain tiles with fewer maintenance requirements.

These are some of the natural stone tile options with their pros and cons compared to vitrified tiles. We recommend our similar-looking porcelain tiles, as they are budget-friendly and give the same pleasure, look, and beauty as you get with these stones. Pavit Ceramics definitely is the best place for all types of tile options. Contact us now for sample, designs, and other details.