Parking tiles are not ordinary tiles like tiles you use for decorating a home from the inside. Parking tile in your house plays an important role in making the first impression. This will not only make your home look elegant but also keep the elegance for long.

Cannot deny the fact – parking tiles go through many struggles; heat, cold, smog, water, moisture, heavyweight vehicles, etc. So it is better to understand the material, body, finish, weight, size and durability of the parking tile you are going to use.

Parking tiles are good for making your small space look big. Use neutral colours tiles like grey, white, or cream. These colours are a good reflector of lights that can give you the feel of open space.

There are large scale of exterior tiles available in the market that can be used to solve your parking purpose, perfectly:

Porcelain Tiles – These tiles are best suited to solve the purpose of outside tiling. These tiles are water and stain proof and great for almost every surface. We also have a number of designs and patterns. Digital technology printing made it possible to satisfy everyone’s wants. Available in the market of stone, fabric, wood texture that will deliver your home a great look overall. You don’t have to worry about the texture and the material as it is ready to handle any kind of climate condition.

Quarry Tile – These tiles are strong, slip-resistant, and best for high-traffic areas. It can stand up in the toughest of situations that can give you reliability and superior performance when used on any commercial or parking space. Also, due to its surface texture of slip-resistant that makes it even the best for using in parking areas with heavy exposure of water. Nonetheless, it also requires very less maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Paver Tile – Pavers are one of the good-to-go tiles that are meant for parking tiling. The outdoor pavers option is perfect for parking areas as it is stain resistant, can handle frost, scratching, staining, and fading.  It is lighter than other parking tiles in the market and it has improvised on a high impact rating as well. These qualities make it a perfect answer for your parking area.

Few tips that can be taken before buying any parking tile:

To consider the above facts while buying parking tiles is necessary as much as tiles to look classy and elegant. Irrespective of the space size, usage, floor tile should be adored that can match your house appearance. Designs, colour and texture of the parking tiles are equally important and should match with your overall surrounding and bring out the best from your abode. Give your house some striking and seamless look for the visitors.

Full body vitrified tiles are the best exterior tiles for parking areas. It works perfectly where there is constant use of heavy traffic or chances of wear and tear are more. And it is also made with the same colour of material so even if it tears it will not make it visible.

Above all that, keeping quality and texture check is also important. We should make sure that tiles are non-slippery and save us from any future mishap or accident. As exterior tiles are in constant struggle with heavyweights of vehicles and climate change, we should keep in mind that it can sustain these factors for long as well.

Hope this will help you in choosing your exterior tile for your parking area. Until then, keep decorating! Keep flaunting!