Reasons to Prefer Matt Finish Floor Tiles


Tiles are the most common and popular flooring option being used in residential as well as commercial areas. Durability and variety are the best features that tiles have to offer. They come in many different materials, designs, styles, colours, textures and finishes. One of the most trendy wall and floor tiles are the matt finish tiles. If one is looking to create some elegant and rustic looking area, then matt finish tiles are the options which he/she should go ahead with. Due to their high durability and slip resistance, matt finish tiles are preferred for bathroom, kitchen and outdoor areas. They can easily bear the harsh changing weather and will provide a subtle warm look for your outdoors and indoors. Here are the few reasons as to why one should prefer matt finish best floor tiles.

Anti-Skid feature

Matt finish tile surface are not as even and smooth as gloss finish tiles. Thus they provide good grip and good amount of friction to avoid any accidents due to slippage. Due to their anti-skid feature, matt tiles are highly preferred for bathroom and kitchen flooring. These tiles are also functional for outdoor areas like terrace, patios, parking and garden walkways due to their great grip.


Matt finish tiles are one of the most durable and sturdy tiles that are available in flooring market. They can be introduced to the harshest of the places as they can easily withstand changing weather and climatic conditions. They are greatly preferred for high footfall area flooring like kitchen, patios and exterior pathways.

Ease of Cleaning

The best feature of matt finish tiles is that they require minimum maintenance. These tiles are good at hiding soapy stains and dried water stains. Hence they do not need continuous cleaning like glossy finish tiles. Mild solution of water with detergent is enough to clean these tiles.

Subtle colour scheme

The colours available in the matt finish tiles are usually subtle to the eyes and tend to dominate the décor of the space. These tiles naturally add rustic feel to the area due to their texture and finish. So if you prefer classy and royal décor scheme, matt finish tiles are your go to option. The neutral colours will help to add a character to your space of choice making it a peaceful and tranquil zone.

Optimum for bathroom and kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen flooring benefits a lot from matt finish tiles. These tiles can easily conceal the smudges and stains and are highly slip resistant. Therefore it is safer to use these floor tiles as flooring option in these two wet and high footfall spaces.

Outdoor areas and large spaces

Matt finish tiles do not reflect light; therefore it is important to install these tiles in large areas with ample natural light. Areas like bathroom and kitchen should be well lit to enhance the beauty of their matt floor Tiles. These tiles are also a good choice for outdoor spaces like balcony, decks, sitting area in garden, swimming pool deck, driveway, walkway, parking . As these tiles are highly low maintenance and are naturally anti-skid, therefore it is safe for elders and children too.