Whether you are building a new house, renovating your balcony or giving a new look to your backyard, you will always want to buy the best looking outdoor tiles so that you get the perfect look you want. The obsession of Indians with designer and beautiful looking tiles has always been there because they totally change the looks of your backyard or balcony and you can feel that new look completely as backyards and balconies are the best places to enjoy leisure time with your friends and families and the perfect look of it always adds up to the joy. 

As we all know that there are hundreds of varieties of interior and exterior tiles available in the market and if you are new to these things, you might surely get confused and buy a wrong one for yourself. This guide will help you to select the best out of the rest available in the market.

There are a few things to consider before you plan to purchase tiles for your porch, backyard or balcony which will help you to make a right decision.

  • Must withstand the climate

Climates in India vary from state to state and most of the states are hotter. Whenever you are buying exterior tiles, always remember that they have to remain outside in the sun for the whole day every day so you must purchase tiles which can even withstand the harsh climate at your place or it will very soon start to break and have to be replaced.

  • Consider the material of the tiles

The material of the tiles you are using plays a very important factor specially for your safety. Exterior tiles are mostly present in the outside environment where they are exposed to moisture from the climate and heavy rainfall during rainy seasons which makes them wet and slippery. Always make sure that the tiles you are purchasing are either made up of abrasive material or have matt finish so that they do not slip in the moisture. Slippery tiles might cause major accidents which must be avoided totally.

  • Tiles must be stylish obviously

One of the major reasons why you decide to put tiles in your balcony or backyard instead of simple looking marbles is obviously because of the style quotient you want and if the tiles you purchase are not stylish, it will not solve the purpose of buying them. So, visit different websites online and shops offline, go through different catalogues, compare various designs and select the best that suits your style needs and the place where they are to be fitted. The style factor will always keep your mood uplifted and you will enjoy each and every moment spent in your backyard or balcony.

  • Never compromise on durability and quality

As discussed above, outdoor tiles are exposed to extreme heat, cold and rainfall throughout the year which is why they must be extremely durable, much more than the tiles used inside the house. Refitting tiles is a very tedious process and takes a lot of time and effort which is why you must purchase tiles that are very much durable. Highly durable tiles will obviously be of high quality so never compromise on quality. Many people give priority to the price rather than the quality which costs them big later on.

  • Never get fascinated by those attractive ads

You will see hundreds of ads on a daily basis on different newspapers and TV channels and get carried away. Not all that are shown are bad but make your decision wisely and not by getting fascinated with those fancy ads as those tiles might not be that good.