Tips to Choose Terrace Tiles

Tips to Choose Terrace Tiles

Are you planning to buy a new house or renovate what has been the same way for many years? In either case, you just cannot rule out the importance of a beautiful looking terrace you can spend some really nice time on. Even more so, if you are amongst those who drool over the images of drop-dead gorgeous terraces published in magazines. If planned properly you can perhaps have one like those.

Here’re few tips to help you choose the right floor tiles for your terrace-

1. Choose tiles designed for terrace

Terrace is an area which is pretty different from all other areas of your house and terrace tiles are designed keeping that in mind. Nothing is more disappointing than buying tiles not meant for terrace and seeing them wear out or chip and crack within months of installation.

2. Pick tiles of the right texture, color and design

You are renovating your terrace to give it an all new look altogether. A look, that’s contemporary and a reflection of your taste. You may not want to go for terrace tiles with an archaic design and texture. Choose design, color and texture that meshes well with the overall appearance of your house. In fact, opt for antiskid terrace tiles so that you can use the space without worrying about falling off during monsoon or when water is spilled over the place.

3. Endurance

Your terrace is exposed to rapidly varying and most of the times harsh weather conditions and the same goes for the floor tiles on your terrace. From blazing sun through to heavy rainfall and cold nights, it has to endure a lot. Go for weather resistant tiles as they have more longevity.

4. Cold Resistance and Heat Resistance

Resistance against catching temperature changes to a great extent is another vital factor while choosing tiles for your terrace. Pick cold resistant and heat resistant tiles so that you can take a barefoot stroll without any inconvenience.

5. Stain Resistance

Merely installing tiles is not enough. If your terrace tiles are not resistant to stains, the whole look of your terrace goes for a toss within few days or weeks of installing them. Those brownish mud marks on the surface are enough to tarnish the appearance. Go for stain resistant tiles which are easy to wash and maintain without leaving any sort of scratches.

6. Cost

Choosing cost effective tiles without compromising on quality is the best thing to do. You can carry out good research on the internet to find out suppliers offering good floor tiles for terrace. Check out their reviews and ask them for a quote whilst sharing your requirement and preferences.