The Ultimate Guide About Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Designing and renovating your home can be a sensational and gratifying creative activity. To undertake the creative pursuit, you might require a variety of products before making a final decision. Pavit Ceramics is grateful to offer you porcelain tiles options with benefits that far exceed nonceramic materials.

Porcelain tile is a subset of ceramic tile that has water absorption of 0.5% or less. Also, porcelain tile slabs come in various sizes ranging from 100mm*100mm to the largest size being 800mm*1600mm. Now let us learn more about it in this article.

Health benefits: A material that offers a healthy & hygienic atmosphere.

During pandemic times health and hygiene are the top priority for everyone and porcelain tile offers the best health benefits for your home. For instance, porcelain tile does not consist of formaldehyde, the organic compound (VOCs), or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials that create unhealthy homes. They are hypoallergenic i.e., don’t cause allergic reactions, antigène in the environment such as pollen, dust, dirt, mold spores and pet dander can’t enter the nonporous surface.

Low-Maintenance: Easier Life

Porcelain tiles are stress-free care and make your life untighten with inherent resistance to all of the following:

  1. Water: The porcelain tile products are water-resistant and have a water penetration of 0.5% or less.
  2. Stains: Porcelain tiles are stain-resistant. Spilled drinks in the dining room or simmered sauces in the kitchen stand no chance against it.
  3.  Dirt: Porcelain tile has an impervious and hard surface which provides allergens and dirt resistance. Dust and dirt can’t hide or be trapped in porcelain tiles, it will just settle on the surface where you can easily whip or sweep them away.
  4. Fading: Porcelain tile is not produced from vinyl products therefore it does not fade from exposure to sun or rain.

Stress-free cleaning: Saving Your Time and Energy

By now you have already learned about porcelain tile’s antimicrobial elements, dirt-, bacteria-, and stain- resistance, so you might have summarized that porcelain tile is easy to clean. Below is the three-step process for regular light cleaning:

  1. Brush off or sweep away dust, crumbs, and other waste materials.
  2. Whip with clean and clear water.
  3. Dry it completely by microfiber cloth or air-drying machine.

Safe: Protecting you and your family

Porcelain tiles are non-flammable, they don’t burn, release smoke, or discharge deadly fumes if exposed to fire. It turns down the spread of flames to keep a clean and safe exit path during the fire. This means that porcelain tiles are best suited for kitchen use as well as areas around the fire pits and fireplaces.

Porcelain tiles are slip-resistant so it is best suited to moisture-rich areas such as the kitchen, pool deck, and bathroom.

Functionally versatile: Not only specified to kitchens and bathrooms

You can use porcelain tile anywhere in the house. Below is the list of applications:

  1. Water resistance: Bathroom, kitchen, outdoor terrace, and pool space.
  2. Scratch resistance: Kitchen and general flooring.
  3. Stain resistance: Kitchen, and outdoor space.
  4. Fade resistance: Indoor and outdoor spaces.
  5. Slip resistance: Bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor space.
  6. Bacteria resistance: Bathroom and kitchen.
  7. High breaking strength: High foot traffic area parking and outdoor space.

High on Sustainability: Choose the favorable pattern for the environment

Porcelain Tiles are environment friendly and below are some reasons supporting the statement.

  1. Natural presence of raw material: The material used to produce porcelain tile patterns occurs naturally and systematically reduces the energy and long-distance shipping.
  2. Energy Efficiency: The essential thermal mass assists in lessening the peak heating and probably aids in cooling to lower the energy cost and generate natural conditioning for a sustainable environment.
  3. Recycling: There is a wide range of pre and post installations that reuse material that is accessible.
  4. Durability: Porcelain tiles installation can last for decades because its surface is built from strong materials which ultimately increase the longevity of tiles. This feature reduces the manufacturing of porcelain tile and therefore contributes to greenhouse gases.

We are sure that Pavit Ceramic’s ultimate guide for porcelain tile has convinced you how beneficial it is.  So what are you waiting for!? Move forward with your porcelain tile project and enjoy multiple benefits for decades.