Understanding Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Understanding Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Floor tiles are the invincible flooring option that is present in the market today. Increased awareness regarding the environment has led people to choose tiles that have aesthetic value as well as eco-friendly nature. Vitrified tiles are among the most eco-friendly and sustainable tiles available in the market today. There are majorly four types of vitrified tiles: Full body Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Double Charge, and Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles. Amongst these, Full Body vitrified tiles are the most preferred and serviceable tiles that can be utilized as both indoor and outdoor tiles.

Full Body Vitrified Tiles are also known as Homogeneous Tiles. Fine clay, feldspar, and quartz are mixed at high temperatures to create these tiles. During the process, the grain of the required color is added to the base tile. This procedure creates a uniform pigmentation in the entire body of the tile. Thus, these tiles are extra non-porous, durable, and resistant to damage. Full body vitrified tiles have high load bearing capacity and great resilience. This makes them a superb choice for heavy traffic areas like staircase, parking areas, terrace, and other exterior areas. At Pavit Ceramics, apart from the wide range of colour choices, these tiles are available in sizes ranging from 100*100mm to 600*1200mm and varied thickness of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 16mm.

Advantages of Full Body Vitrified Tiles:

1. Resists Wear and Tear

Apart from heavy footfall these tiles can happily tolerate the changing weather. From harsh sunlight to cold winters and heavy rains they can maintain the same perfect look even after years of installation.

2. Anti-Stain and Anti- Scratch

Due to the tile’s homogeneous colour spread, full body vitrified tiles are highly stain and scratch resistant. Even if any of the two occurs, it will go un-noticed.

3. Acid and Alkali Resistant

The damage caused by acid or alkali based chemicals do not affect these tiles due to their high water resistance.

4. Anti Skid

The matte finish and the surface texture of these tiles ensure a firm grip and help in preventing accidents due to slips and falls.

5. Easy Maintenance

These tiles won’t be heavy on your pockets for after installation maintenance and repair work.

The easy installation of these floor tiles is another added benefit that cannot be ignored. So if you are looking for easy-going and affordable flooring options for your area, give full-body vitrified tiles a consideration for a hassle-free experience. Pavit Ceramics’ tiles provide unmatched quality of service and durability for long time. These tiles are manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials.